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Michigan weather pwns Spring Game

It’s that time of year. Spring games were wide-spread across the college football nation this weekend. Michigan Pwns The World was at Michigan’s spring game. It sure was cold. We heard grumblings of the Frozen Four being warmer. MPTW HQ was stationed just outside of the Saline High football field, but we couldn’t see anything. However, what we heard were a lot of whistles and even more cheering. This is good news to Michigan fans, as cheering and praise signal success.

Cold & Confused

Unlike many other teams, Michigan preferred to have it’s Spring Game behind closed gates. There were no TV cameras, no hyper-crazy fans (Michigan fans were frozen), and no Tebow. Apparently Tim Tebow is still sick from his performance against Michigan last January. Who wouldn’t be with offense of this caliber.

Tebow\'s Dead Duck