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Pwn is a leetspeak term that implies domination and humiliation of a rival, used primarily on this blog to taunt and ridicule an opposing player (or entire team) who has just been soundly defeated or nearly killed. Other uses of the word include pwnt, pwnd, pwnage, pwning, or pwner. Examples include:

  • Desmond Howard was the first legitimate pwner. [1991]
  • Braylon Edwards pwnd the entire Michigan State defense. [October 2004]
  • By being in the game, Jimmy Clausen is surely going to be on the receiving end of a major pwning. [Soon]

The word “pwn” spread like wildfire in the Michigan community thanks to our notoriety as a University and the sheer magnificence of the sports teams. When we use the word pwnage, readers should view it as a combination of certain words. The “p” derives from pure, perfect, and powerful. Ownage finishes the natural progression. Over the course of a Michigan football season, you may find yourself yelling at your tv “you just got pwned!”. Feel free to share your experiences with us.