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Michael Phelps pwns the world too.

It’s no surprise that another person from the University of Michigan has dished out some serious pwnage. Michael Phelps (seen below swimming in a pool of gold medals) has won 8 gold medals in 8 races at the 2008 Olympics. He was barely off the ultimate pwnage record of 8 World Records; he only set 7. Come on Michael!

Michael had a lot of people rooting against him, namely Chinese gold suppliers. One former swimmer/current loser Ian Thorpe bet against Phelps saying “I don’t think he’ll win 7 let alone 8 gold medals. He’s just not that good and I’m extremely jealous.” I don’t know why Thorpe wasn’t in this Olympics. Perhaps he retired or perhaps he was busy swimming in tar? Whichever it was, Michael shut him up pretty good. I expect Thorpe to go back on his statement in the essence of something below:

Anyways, in true Olympic pwnage, I declare that Michael Phelps get his gold medals dipped in platinum and covered in diamonds.

World. You just got pwned. Eat it! Congratulations Michael. You have truly pwned the world.