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Desmond Howard Pwns College Football

So it’s the middle of the week, there hasn’t been a peep of sunshine since last Saturday, we are sitting around waiting for spring to really take hold—sounds like a perfect opportunity to remember back to a time of ultimate Michigan pwnage.  Or, well, at least a time where Michigan beat Ohio State with some regularity (thank you John Cooper)…

Setting: November 23, 1991, Michigan Stadium.  It was a classic November day in Ann Arbor; the sky was a steely gray and the fans were bundled in their thick coats, scarves, gloves, and one piece snow suits (oh, wait…that was just me thanks to my overprotective parents…).  On this day Michigan (9-1) thumped Ohio State (8-2) by a score of 31-3 and secured a trip to the Rose Bowl, but the ultimate highlight came from superstud Desmond Howard.  Annnnnd SCENE!

Michigan was up 17-3 late in the first half when Ohio State set up to punt on 4th down.  DHoward fielded the punt at the Michigan 7-yard line and #21 streaked the 93-yards to the opposite end zone for a touchdown.  As he crossed the goal line DHoward claimed his spot in Michigan pwnage history: he struck the Heisman Trophy pose as Keith Jackson (ABC Sports) yelled “Hellllllooooo Heisman!!!!”


Not only did DHoward pwn tOSU, two weeks later he pwned all of college football when he accepted the Heisman Trophy and the honor of Nation’s Best Player with 640 first place votes.  DHoward rightfully earned his spot on future Michigan Stadium cups and claimed his place as a Michigan legend.  To brighten your day, watch the video.