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Friday Fun – Don’t Mess with Branch

It is a beautiful day for us at MPTW–supposed to be about 80 degrees and sunshine is abundant.  What better way to celebrate a beautiful day than with a glorious moment in Michigan Football?

Today we remember back to a play that brings sly, knowing smiles to all Michigan fans every time we see it:

Alan Branch is NASTY.

Where were you?  We were watching the game in Bailey’s Sports Pub in Arlington, Virginia.  The Penn State fans were in another room down the hall and I vaguely remember hearing horrified gasps at this, the beginning of the Penn State QB blood-fest.  Concussions for everyone, get ’em while there hot!!

Now, it is fact that Michigan pwns Penn State like no other, but this was a particularly delicious moment in the 2006 Penn State game when my personal hero Alan Branch introduced Anthony Morelli to the firm field in Happy Valley.  At night.  Under the lights.  With millions watching on TV.  And a hundred thousand more in the stands.  Ah yes, Mr. Alan Branch personally shut up the “feared” white out.  Lick your finger, swipe through the air, and….COUNT IT!!!!!!!  Morelli,  you just got pwned!  Enjoy this moment over the weekend folks.  Relish it like it was Fall 2006, muahah!